About Us

The GooG Media Group is the brainchild of founder Francis L. Amptmeijer, author, publisher and technopreneur pur sang.

“The team’s passion for internet was created in 1995 and ever since we created and marketed successful websites, web portals and web shops in Europe and Asia”. From the early stages we partnered with Google.

Once the team arrived in Malaysia it was understood that the corporate world was not active with Internet Marketing and Google PPC Advertising yet. But these times have changed and Asia is in full swing. Using tools is easy, inventing and applying strategies is another ball game.


The GooG Media Group Services

The GooG Media Group services are all internet driven and provide a wide array of marketing services to the industry. The services to our clients start from basic level webdesign and eCommerce websites and portals to high-end PHP ground up developed platforms with frontend and backend facilities. Our real strength shows when we combine this with our internet marketing services from where we are able to drive targeted traffic to your websites, online shops and web portals. This is where our services go completely full circle and where the results of content funnels, conversion funnels and sales funnels really come together.


The GooG Media Group Core Values

What you need to know about us. In 1998 the GooG Media Group was formed around a set of customer-based core values – which we call the Table of Five, and with these in hand we take pride in the work we establish for our clientele. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that clients get the results they were foreseeing in the first place. Often Internet Marketing and Social Media is taken too lightly, and are followed by disappointments. The key to implement is an online marketing strategy and this is exactly our forte and why you would hire our online marketing team.


The Table of Five:

  1. Clients requests first
  2. Listen, assess, plan, act
  3. Analyze, optimize, monitor
  4. Traffic, conversion, revenue
  5. Customer happy, our team happy

These core values were developed over years of experience and have worked ever since. These values drive our unique internet strategies for each and every client. We take your business very serious. From there our motto “your Brand, Our Business”.

Our long list of satisfied customers stretches over 4 continents. The GooG Media Group is here to help and assist Malaysia-based companies to succeed in their internet marketing efforts, social media strategies, Google AdWords campaigns and overall online presence.

“Success will always be on your side! As long as you do what your competitor does not do yet”.

– Francis L. Amptmeijer –

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