How To Write On-Page SEO

Writing SEO has been my passion for the last 4 years, and it makes me wake up with a smile every single day. This is my first book under my own name, and actually that feels great. Previously I wrote two books under the name Franklin-Paul Blake – my writer’s alias – and got both books published with


On-Page Search Engine Optimization

This third book is a much more specialized book for anyone interested in SEO and On-Page SEO in particular. Internet changes by the second and the major search engines keep changing their algorithms constantly to beat their competitors and to provide the best search results for their end users.


SEO Bottom-Line

How To Write On-Page SEO provides intricate knowledge on how to tweak your website to perfection to ensure your texts please the search engines and with that your ranking and above all your bottom-line.

In the internet world rankings are important but in today’s world conversions and conversion tracking has become much more important. Conversion funnels, converting content and more of the detailed SEO techniques will be explained.

I hope you will have as much fun reading and learning as I had writing this book for you.

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Frank Amptmeijer
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What You Will Learn

  • Why Write On-Page SEO?
  • The Author and His Advice
  • Keywords Advanced
  • Why Search Engine Optimization or SEO?
  • On-Page SEO Content Guide
  • HTML Advice
  • The Google Author Tag
  • WordPress & SEO
  • SEO and Social Media Tools


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Frank, before I bought your book I thought to know everything there is to know about SEO and On-Page SEO, but your book opened my eyes and made me realise there is so much more to learn. Pradesh – India
Mr Frank, your book is detailed yet easy to follow. Great book for any web developer. Herman – Washington DC, USA
Dear Mr. Amptmeijer, you have given me new ideas on how to improve my website. My first results are amazing, Thank you, with gratitude. Jose – Austin, Texas, USA
Dude, your book just rocks, thanks a million. John, Sydney, Australia
Dear Mr. Frank, I have read tons of books like these, but I have to admit yours ends up in my favorite top five. Great read, good details and explanations, easy to follow techniques. Thanks, keep me informed when you write a follow-up. – Anna, London, UK


Purchase How To Write On-Page SEO Now..!

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