Internet Marketing

If SEO was a magical word then Internet Marketing is another one. Internet marketing drives the internet and drives traffic to websites and web portals.

When Internet marketing is applied properly it will improve the overall targeted traffic to the website or portal. Getting traffic to a website is not difficult; getting targeted traffic is much more challenging. Getting targeted traffic that converts into buyers and users of your products or services is the icing on the cake.

The GooG Media Group team has been applying successful Internet Marketing strategies for over a decade to clients in 4 different continents.


Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing is a collective term for all the elements which can improve website traffic and conversions. This includes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), DNM (Domain Name Marketing) and Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn) and others.

Internet marketing is not a mystery. IM is the application of tested methods to improve web traffic and conversions. The more focused the targeted traffic the higher the conversion rates.


Your Internet Marketing

Together with your team we set out the strategy – after we have done our research on your industry and competition – and start the hard work. Here at the GooG Media Group we take your Internet marketing efforts very serious and based on our core values we help your campaigns to a successful level.

Donald Trump recently said “soon there will be two types of business; internet business and no business”.


Our Valuable Internet Marketing TIP:

No website, no business! No internet marketing, no traffic! Spend Internet Marketing budget for your web systems like you would in traditional business. Set a monthly budget for at least 6 months. Internet Marketing lets the juices flow. Engage an Internet Marketing professional for an analysis on your internet business, content funnels, conversion funnels and internet marketing campaigns. These costs are easily earned back.

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