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Local search is the new craze on the Internet and from an Internet Marketing perspective the ultimate power injection delivered straight to the doorstep of small and medium sized businesses. Local Search is part of the Internet Marketing mix.

Google, as the top search engine in the world has very well understood the power of local search and with the introduction and upgrades to Google Places installed a mechanism in which now local businesses can deliver directly to the clientele surrounding them.

A plumper in Kuala Lumpur does not want to advertise in Singapore or even Johor Bahru. A local plumber wants to advertise in his own home town, as thats where most likely 95% of his clientele is.


Local Search For You

Many small businesses might think, why advertise on Google, as clients will find my shop or find us through our regular marketing efforts as flyers, news paper ads, billboards etc.

However think from a client’s perspective. What if someone’s pipe bursts today and he needs assistance immediately. He might call his brother or neighbor. But most likely he will grab his iPad or hand phone and search for “plumber Kuala Lumpur”. If you have advertised for local search, then your ads will pop-up and business can commence.

Having local search set up properly by a professional takes insight in the matter. An Internet Marketing specialist can assist in setting up for local search and using the proper keywords to trigger the ads.

At the GooG Media Group we have understood that local businesses crave for assistance, as we understand that a plumber might not know everything about setting up the proper accounts to make it all work. However with a small injection you have your web systems powered with local search. Call or email our specialists for more information.


Our Valuable Local Search TIP:

Local search can drive your business to greater heights. Get you Google Places account set up today, and start seeing results tomorrow.

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