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Online Writer’s Career Book 01online-writers-career-book-01

Start Your Online Writing Career Today..! Learn all you need to know about SEO Text Optimization and SEO text writing and much more!
There are two options, either you are a writer and you would like to improve your online writing and SEO writing skills. Or you want to become an Online Writer and need to learn most things from scratch.


Your Benefits:

  • Easy to learn content
  • Learn the latest SEO techniques for online writers
  • Make money within a few days from your online efforts
  • Team Up with Experienced Writers (one Year FREE Membership)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


The Internet and YOU

The internet is basically constructed from three main elements, a network of computers, search engines and web text. Of course graphical design is making it look good too. But in essence text is what makes the internet work. The search engines will unlock the information you have written. If your text is NOT optimized for the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others, then nothing will happen to the text you worked so hard on. SEO text optimization is the key to your success and the Online Writer’s Career Book 01 will teach you how.


Search Engines Work For You

You need to let the search engines work for you, 24/7. And they can. Even better they will. But you need to learn steer the search engines effectively. In the Online Writer’s CAREER Book 01 you will learn step-by-step how to develop skills to entice the search engines to choose your articles over other articles. More articles read, means more Dollars in the pocket.
I personally promise you that within one week you must be able to make your money back – the money you will spend on buying this book. You will learn all the fundamentals on how to harvest the internet from your writing skills.


Online Writers Work From Home

The luxury an online writer has is that he is able to work from any place on this planet, as long as once in a while he or she is able to login to the internet to upload the new articles. Work when you want, where you want, and with whomever you want. No traffic jams, no fixed work schedule none of all this, but still making money 24/7. Is this reality? Yes it is. If I can do it, so can you.


My Writer’s Story

!frank-amptmeijer-corporate-look-shoulders-500-500Flat broke after 13 years of retail business, I needed a break. I traveled the globe, trying to make ends meet. I learned about internet marketing and tried lots of different things, but nothing seemed to work. Then one day someone told me to put my writing skills to work, as I was keeping diaries of all my travels. So I did, under my writing alias Franklin-Paul Blake I started publishing online and I learned step-by-step to apply the fundamentals of online writing and SEO techniques. Bang, the first month I made some money, the second month I made a part-time income, and by the third month I was making more than USD$80 a day. And by the end of the first year, I averaged USD$144 per day. Just by continuing my efforts the income kept growing. Today, I am a successful online writer with a more than generous income. But I enjoy living a humble life and experience what life has to offer me. In the meantime I write about my experiences. What more can a man want. And the beauty is; I love to teach you too.

Franklin-Paul Blake – Online Author and SEO Text Specialist


You Need A Writing Mentor, Every Writer Does

Every writer needs some assistance, help and guidance, especially when you are new to the online writing game. Some solid assistance and help is what you need. This book will give you a thorough insight on how you will get your articles read, and how the money is made in the online writing industry.

I wrote the Online Writer’s Career Book 01 because I had been struggling for too long, to make a living from writing using the internet as my main tool of promotion. But times have changed, and once I started to apply the fundamentals, and started to put in the structured work things started to move. An I believe that you can do it too.


What Will You Learn From This Book?online-writers-career-book-01

  • Keyword & SEO basics & advanced
  • The SEO writing process
  • Setting up your articles
  • Getting started and SEO article research
  • From idea to finished product
  • SEO Article advancements
  • Publishing SEO articles
  • Tracking
  • The SEO editing process
  • Promoting SEO articles
  • Goal setting
  • Getting paid
  • SEO Writer’s Tools
  • Day Planning
  • And much, much more


Step-By-Step Writing Process

Step-by-step I guide you as the user of the career book in the process of becoming a professional online writer. Writing for the internet is completely different from writing for newspapers, magazines or even blogging. Writing for the internet has to do with search results and users looking for the information you have been writing about. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your text is one of the key parts of what an online writer has to learn. Successful online writing is a combination of many skills, start learning them today. In clear language I will explain and take you by the hand and teaches you every little step. It is my promise to you, that within days you will be making money.

The Online Writer’s CAREER Book 01 will kickstart your online writing career!


Purchase the Online Writer’s Career Book 01 Now..!

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Mr. Franklin, thank you for your fantastic book. I used it step by step, and you were right I was making dollars within days. Paul – London
Great book you have written, very helpful and full of good tips. I look forward to the next volumes. Andreas – Munich
Dear Mr. BlakeI have been an internet marketer for more than 12 years, and I was skeptical when I bought your book. But you have described the process of an online writer and his daily tasks very well. I improved my business thanks to your book, and I advise all my IM students to purchase it too as a reference work. Well done. Henry – Seattle
Franklin-Paul you have produced an interesting view on the internet marketing and online writing business. With your help I am making $40 per day with only two or three hours of work every day. Thank you for this comprehensive work.
Juan – Mexico City
Thank you mr. Blake. I am very new in writing and blogging for the internet. Your book helped me tremendously. And now I can see the results coming fast. Thank you once again. I recommend your book to any writer or writer want-to-be. Alice Ng – Singapore


Purchase the Online Writer’s Career Book 01 Now..!

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