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Online Writer’s Career Book 02online-writers-career-book-02-cover-large

After selling a few hundred copies of my first book, I felt the urge to elaborate on certain areas, and extend some of the knowledge of those who bought my Online Writer’s Career Book 01. The writing process is always fun, but the extensive research is even more fun, and then knowing that the research ends up in all corners of the world is the best fun.


The Competitive Edge

So, you like to write for the internet, and you enjoy making a living doing so. As you have understood competition is tough, and what makes you so special? Then the ever changing dynamic world of the internet keeps evolving too. Well, if you are up-to-date with the latest techniques on how to write more compelling texts for the internet, then that might make you so much more special. We call this the competitive edge. Give yourself the best competitive edge, and you are on top of your game, the SEO game.

And this is exactly why I felt the urge to write a second Online Writer’s Career Book.


Losing Money

The world changes, the internet changes, and you have to adapt and change with them otherwise you will get behind, and even worse you would lose valuable customers and with that $$$.


Luxury of Being an Online Writer

This book will ensure that you keep your competitive edge and ensures with you a steady stream of income when applying all the techniques presented. Nobody ever said that writing for the internet is easy. But, “come on” you don’t have to travel to work because you can work from home. You can even work from your nearest Starbucks, or while you are traveling in an airport or hotel room. So, what are you complaining! Think about the luxury you have to work where you want and when you want.

The Online Writer’s Career Book 02 will give you all the assets you need in the online writing game, plus we offer you all the support in order to succeed together with our collective team.

We look forward to work with you.

With kind regards,

Frank Amptmeijer
GooG Media Group


What Will You Learn From This Book?online-writers-career-book-02-cover-large


  • Keeping the Competitive Edge
  • Article SEO Tips
  • 90 Day Plan
  • Generating High Traffic
  • Articles Database
  • Tracking
  • Articles advancements
  • Money, Time & Effort
  • Keywords Advanced
  • Google Adwords and Google Adsense
  • Keyword Density
  • Back Links
  • Paid Advertising
  • And much, much more


Step-By-Step Writing Process

Step-by-step I guide you as the user of the career book in the process of becoming a professional online writer. Writing for the internet is completely different from writing for newspapers, magazines or blogging. Writing for the internet has to do with search results and users looking for information you have been writing. Search engine optimization for your text is one of the key parts of what an online writer has to learn. Successful writing is a combination of many skills, start learning them today. In clear language I will explain and take you by the hand and teaches you every little step. It is my promise to you, that within days you will be making money.

The Online Writer’s CAREER Book 02 will enhance your writing career!


Purchase the Online Writer’s Career Book 02 Now..!

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Mr. Franklin, thank you for your fantastic book. I used it step by step, and you were right I was making dollars within days. Paul – London
Great book you have written, very helpful and full of good tips. I look forward to the next volumes. Andreas – Munich
Dear Mr. BlakeI have been an internet marketer for more than 12 years, and I was skeptical when I bought your book. But you have described the process of an online writer and his daily tasks very well. I improved my business thanks to your book, and I advise all my IM students to purchase it too as a reference work. Well done. Henry – Seattle
Franklin-Paul you have produced an interesting view on the internet marketing and online writing business. With your help I am making $40 per day with only two or three hours of work every day. Thank you for this comprehensive work.
Juan – Mexico City
Thank you mr. Blake. I am very new in writing and blogging for the internet. Your book helped me tremendously. And now I can see the results coming fast. Thank you once again. I recommend your book to any writer or writer want-to-be. Alice Ng – Singapore


Purchase the Online Writer’s Career Book 02 Now..!

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