Text & Editing Service

No matter how you look at the internet, the internet exists of text and text only. Even the graphics are all text related. All the search engines are driven by text and keywords. We have specialized deeply into this field of keyword optimization and SEO, what is better known as Search Engine Optimization.

At the GooG Media Group we focus on online text and online text only. Our team of experienced writers has 15+ years of experience in writing text for the internet and internet marketing.

We supply text and online articles to our business partners in 21 different countries. Whether you are a web designer, web content master, webmaster, writer, journalist or reporter, we are here to assist you in your online writing efforts.


Text and Translations

Online text large or small, we pack them with your keywords, and hit the market hard with your personal niche, product or service. Translations English-Dutch and Dutch-English are optional.
Advice and support are our middle names. The GooG Media Group is always open to listen to your suggestions or questions.
We write text that sells your brand, your service or your product.


Text Editing

Whether you have a brand new text which requires a professional editor to take a seciond look, or you have an old brochure which requires a makeover, our text editorial team is here to assist you.


Text Service Translations

For translations, you need to show proof of copyrights (certificate of PLR or MMR) or written acknowledgement from the author, even when that would be you.


Text Service Payments

Payments ALWAYS to be done upfront in US dollars to our Paypal account.


Text Service Copyrights

The GooG Media Group guarantees that all the work delivered is original and written by our own writers.
We are writers at heart, and stay true to our values.


Text Service Prices:

  • 100 words – $ 7.50
  • 200 words – $ 9.00
  • 300 words – $ 12.00
  • 400 words – $ 15.00
  • 500 words – $ 18.00
  • 600 words – $ 22.00


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Larger Texts

If you would have larger texts, just request a quotation and our specialists will get back to you shortly.

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